Developed by a team of product designers and material scientists over 6 years, Sugru’s patented technology is unique in its combination of hand-formability, self-adhesion and flexibility when cured. It feels like modelling clay, and it’s very easy to use. Once cured, its durable properties mean it’s comfortable in extreme environments from the dishwasher to the Antarctic Ocean.


  • Removable
  • Soft touch & grippy
  • Hand formable
  • Waterproof
  • Sticks to almost anything
  • Sugru is the world’s first moldable glue that turns into rubber. With its ‘6-in-1’ formula it is perfect for any of your projects: it can fix, bond, cushion, replace, create and seal.
  • Self-setting rubber, formed by hand and cures at room temperature overnight.
  • Self-adhesive – bonds to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and some fabrics. Removable from most non-porous surfaces.
  • Flexible when cured
  • Air cures at room temperature
  • Strong + durable = great outdoors
  • Stable at high and low temperatures
  • Electrically insulating up to household
  • Self-adhesive – bonds to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and some fabrics. Removable from most non-porous surfaces.
  • Bendable to any color and temperature resistant from -50 to +180 degree Celsius.
  • Sugru is so easy to use: mold it with your hands and shape it the way you need – you have 30 minutes to get the job done. Give it 24 hours and it turns into rubber! It will adhere strongly and securely across many surfaces and environments.


“Sugru has me absurdly excited. Why? Because it is something I have wanted since forever, only I didn’t even know it.”

50 Best Inventions of 2010
(Sugru was #22 — the iPad was #34!)

“21st Century
Duct Tape”

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Customer might ask…

How do you apply Sugru?

By hand, Sugru is perfectly safe to touch, you have 30 minutes once open to work the ‘moulding clay’ like product into the desired position, clean your hands afterwards with a dry tissue. After 24 hours it will set into a durable, flexible silicone rubber.

What type of conditions is Sugru suitable for?

Nearly any condition you could expose it to, Sugru will hold its form from -50°C (-58°F) to 180°C (356°F). Sugru is also fully water, dishwasher and washing machine proof. Its even fine in the ocean.

What are some of the most interesting Sugru uses?

Sugru has been used to help people trek to the north pole with added grips on ski poles. Sugru has been used by a father to make his camera drop proof so his son can take pictures. Sugru has also been used to reseal a leak in a cooling system where it withstands high pressure and 80°C (176°F) temperatures.

Is Sugru easy to remove once you’re finished with it?

Yes! With a sharp knife carefully cut o the majority of the product
and then with finger nails and a tissue clean the remainder,
returning the non-porous surface to its original condition.

Is Sugru safe for children or safe if accidently eaten?

Not yet – Sugru is stable once it has cured, but people can be
allergic to anything! Sugru isn’t certified as food safe – yet! The
vendor is working on making Sugru child friendly however it’s not
certified yet – so for now it shouldn’t be used by children.

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