Fort International is a Canadian owned and operated Montreal, Quebec based supplier of brand name and private label products for over four decades.

Fort International imports, exports, manufactures, markets and builds strong brands which we distribute to the retail, wholesale and industrial segments of the North American and overseas markets.


We provide many different product categories from our three exciting and unique divisions within the company. The Via-Chem, Absorbtex and APCO divisions each specializes in providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices the market has to offer.





Distribution Range

Fort International has three distribution centers in North America in order to ensure the best possible logistics in distributing to our customer base.  We have our Canadian distribution center located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  We also have two United States distribution centers, one located on the west coast in California and the other located on the east coast in New York.  We are committed to providing our customers with high in-stock rates along with efficient and fast delivery of their orders.


The quality of our products is extremely important to us

Our staff and offices in Asia ensure the highest quality standards are met for the manufacturing and production of all our products.  We have quality control standards in place both at the factory level, as well as once the product arrives in North America.


The employees of Fort International are among our strongest assets, as our experienced team provides the best customer service the industry has to offer.  Fort International prides itself on long lasting, loyal partnerships with our suppliers and customers and this, coupled with our people, is what has led to the company’s success for so many years.

About Team

Social Responsibility

At Fort International we have taken important steps towards implementing strong values when it comes to social responsibility.  Besides working with our designated charities or supporting charitable events for our community our main initiative has been working with CIUSSS (Centre Intégré Universitaire De Santé Et De Services Sociaux or The Integrated Academic Health and Social Services Center).  We integrate up to 15 intellectually challenged individuals, who come from many different backgrounds, and involve them in various work activities within our company.  This has been an extremely positive experience for the people from CIUSS that have been placed with us, moreover, it continues to be a rewarding and invaluable initiative for our employees.